Harrowdown Hill by Thom Yorke

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#musicwithpolitics for the people who believe that some suicides are too convenient for a government for the government not to be involved. (side note: any government that underfunds or underappreciates mental health issues is partially culpable for suicides caused by lack of access)

craignicol 8 Dec 2014

It was a slippery slippery slippery slope

jivaerhs 26 Oct 2014

Did I fall or was I pushed?

kenan 21 Aug 2014

The song was written about biological warfare expert David Kelly who controversially "committed suicide" in 2003. Thom Yorke's thinly veiled suggestion of something far more sinister from his solo album The Eraser.

DavidAnderson 26 May 2014

Great to listen to this album on a flight

derf 5 Sep 2012

Jury is currently out on Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, but this is undeniably classic Yorke.

mpgabster 29 Sep 2014