Black Water by Timber Timbre

“Need some sunshine quick, I'm wasting away here...”

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Need some sunshine quick, I'm wasting away here...

alicebravery 10 Jul 2012

Music for a grey day.

mayfairtheatre 14 Sep 2012

I'm discovering this artist at the moment. Three albums, three albums' worth of songs to listen to. But this is one of their more popular songs, from their second album, and I just adore the slow, melancholy creep of the song, as well as the singer's voice. Suitably creepy lyrics for the tone, and there's even some time writing in there ("beaten bone-eyed birches" is some lovely alliteration). I've definitely been appreciating more folk recently.   7

Ralon17 1 Feb 2015

The lyrics in this are everything//

kxlsey 23 May 2015

Can't believe I haven't jammed this yet. "All I need is some sunshine.. "

shyamkotla 15 Jul 2015

I'm a sucker for arboreal vocabulary

timgilbert 14 Nov 2014