Inspector Norse by Todd Terje

“Via the G-Man”

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Via the G-Man

MikeBamford 2 May 2012

It's scientifically impossible to not tap your feet and/or nod your head along to this track.

joe_stone 9 Aug 2015

The dancin'est tune of 2014   1

CaptainJam 31 Dec 2014

This is my jam tonight!

tomosaito 20 Jul 2015

Meanwhile back in Norway...this is the dancing video made for this great mix. I love it, and the dancing is cool too. Hope you like it #ElelectronicEcstacy   10

jovisgoesnuts 3 Feb 2014

So much good stuff on at Glastonbury, but for sheer fun it was hard to beat this

mjgBZ32 30 Jun 2015