Alice by Tom Waits

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Arithmetick, arithmetock   5

ndreasa 5 May 2013

Of Alice. There's only Alice.   2

bircedidar 17 May 2015

... And so a secret kiss brings madness with the bliss and I will think of this when I'm dead in my grave. Set me adrift and I'm lost over there and I must be insane to go skating on your name and by tracing it twice I fell through the ice of Alice. There's only #Alice.

nimachaichi 25 May 2014

Baby, all I can think of, is Alice.

johnbujalski 5 Apr 2015

Perfect rainy day song courtesy of the inimitable Mr. Waits. The imagery & emotionality of this song=stunning   9

silvershroud 28 Sep 2012

I disappear in your name but you must wait for me...

MissNobblet 10 Dec 2011