God Hates a Coward by Tomahawk

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For Tomahawk, the band is composed of Mike Patton, vocalist for Faith No More and Mr. Bungle; Duane Denison, guitarist for The Jesus Lizard; Kevin Rutmanis, bass player for Melvins; and John Stanier, drummer for Helmet. Holy crap!

whitebuddha 20 Jun 2014


indie 6 Jun 2012

Here is a Mike #Patton's classic ! Tomahawk is a metal / experimental band. A powerful lineup (Mike Patton, John Stanier, Duane Denison and Trevor Dunn). God Hates a Coward (from their 1st album Tomahawk / 2001) is performed #live.

JeromeRiguidel 2 Feb 2014

I love this clip so much. Patton with his weird gas mask microphone. Band dressed as cops. Amazing.

rossco 2 Jun 2015

Flesh rodeos yee-haw it.

S7U 16 Jun 2012

Insanely badass

Mattsuvius 26 Jan 2012