Dancing In The Moonlight by Toploader

“Awwww yiss.”

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Awwww yiss.

Sarghm 26 Aug 2012

Anybody else have trouble sleeping last night??? Really it's like someone was shining a spotlight directly over our garden! Natural beauty or Insomniac causing pest? #Supermoon, at least it gave me inspiration for this weeks jam...;-)   7

Cornishson73 11 Aug 2014

No hits like the old hits...

kenthomson58 27 May 2014

La acabo de descubrir y suena genial.   4

aerm86 26 Aug 2013

"My father was pecked to death by chickens; Why would I joke about that?"   2

BabsSheKing 7 Jan 2012

Nice retro JAM

aerm86 21 Aug 2015