Crucify by Tori Amos

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ahh the memories! This album is best played very loud in your car while driving, in my opinion.

sheilashackle 23 Apr 2015

I find her when i was out of laptop and it still in my mind. I crucify myself...

xiona 10 Mar 2014

Why do we crucify ourselves/Every day I crucify myself...

egosumdaniel 16 Apr 2015

Rediscoving Tori after the great interview on 6Music recently.

squirrelesque 3 Sep 2012

#TenuousEasterJams No5 I remember seeing Tori Amos when Little Earthquakes came out. Completely stunning, passionate, talented artist and like Tom Waits and the next cued artist very adept at using biblical references to great poetic effect.   2

adrian4acn 17 Apr 2014

Not sure about the video thats been used for this...

seiibutsu 26 Sep 2015