Pretty Good Year by Tori Amos

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hold onto nothing as fast as you can well. still, pretty good year.

cherriebomb 3 Jan 2014


melissastevens 28 Dec 2012

20 years later ... still pretty good.   2

neleheise 27 May 2014

Unrepentant Geraldines feels like the older sister to the album this song comes from. Tori is underrated. See her live for proof. Razorsharp.

cannibalpriest 7 Dec 2014

Nearly 20 years since I first listened to it, I'm on yet another Under the Pink binge. If I could listen to one album only, for the rest of my life, it would most certainly be this one.

Fwedhead 27 Sep 2013

I got a letter from a guy named Greg. He's a fan, and this letter just happened to get to me... he wrote to me this letter that touched me to the core about how at twenty-three, it was all over for him. In his mind, there was nothing. He just couldn't seem to catch the kite by the tail. You know, sometimes you see that kite flying and bloody hell, you just have to grab the tail, bring it down and see what's on the kite. Well, he just couldn't find a way around putting his desires and his visions into anything tangible, except this lettre. Many people today, before they even reach thirty, feel this way-it's a functional exercise waking up, brushing your teeth, going through your day. People have just numbered themselves. I don't know the answer why. I think there are loads of answers. It's not my job to come up with an answer. Nobody wants to hear an answer from me. The point is, what I tried to come up with is the feeling we all feel. Shaking us out of this numbness. -Tori Amos

michaelaudie 20 Jun 2013