Time Of Dark by tUnE-yArDs

“Another great track off of the new Nikki Nack.”

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Another great track off of the new Nikki Nack.   1

EdgarAllenPunk 20 May 2014

The soulful “Time Of Dark” from @tUnEyArDs’ incredible Nikki Nack is adventurous and satisfying

acusti 12 Jun 2014

Did I mention I friggin' love tUnE-yArDs? This isn't perhaps the most ear-grabbing of the tracks on Nikki Nack (which has been on near-constant rotation since I bought it last week), but it sounds refreshingly effortless by comparision while still managing to be full of interesting musical choices. I particularly like the harmonies that fall in and out of tune towards the end with the pleasantly distorted riff. Can't wait to hear this stuff live.

jarvix 18 May 2014

Can't find "Hey Life" on here but this is equally my jam. Diggin' the new album a lot.

iammattepp 21 May 2014

When I first listened to this song, I was intrigue but I definitely did not fall in love with it. As I put the song on repeat, I began to imagine scenes that would make it such kickass background music and I have grown to love this song. Different, interesting and it really grows on you after a few listens.

monutella 3 May 2015

One of my favorite songs of 2014. Been rockin' out to it all morning.

scottgendel 14 Jan 2015