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Just TURN IT UP #FeelGoodJam #LongLiveTheJams #BreakingBad #justjamitandsee   5

timeisnow 8 Sep 2015

Honestly can't stop listening to this, rediscovered tv on the radio recently, and this is a gem!   1

dropdownsmiling 25 Nov 2012

An all time favourite. "Never you mind, death professor"

Winsord 30 Sep 2014

Can't get enough of this track, heard it on breaking bad and have been drilling it ever since.   4

GordonBatou 10 Apr 2013

I'm about 5 years behind on Breaking Bad episodes. But this song is so wicked and perfectly suited to Walter White...

durno 30 Nov 2014

Dear Science (Interscope Records, 2008)

sarahbadr 24 Sep 2013