Vertigo by U2

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Bon voyage.

rightwong 25 Sep 2015

“Vertigo” by @u2 is my new jam. WHITE PEOPLE!   1

Boogieknight 9 Sep 2014

U2 - Vertigo ... I don't really like this song, I hardly like U2 at all really. But I'm getting dizzy spells and ringing in my right ear... so it seemed appropriate.

therealbk84 2 Aug 2014

This song is way too addictive.

Yas217 23 Mar 2012

Hello HellooOoo.

TurboToaster 6 Jul 2014

More jams that will keep me pumped up while I'm running the Turkey Trot 5k this Thursday. I know U2 is having a public relations issue right now, but I still love them and this song fires me up.

kfarrnd 25 Nov 2014