Ultimate Painting by Ultimate Painting

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"Ultimate painting is like lying in the grass staring at the afternoon sun with your eyes closed and starting a phosphene journey into your mind’s unknown territories."   8

cello_m 23 Jun 2014

I'm getting really into Ultimate Painting but then again I'm a sucker for Velvets-y strum. A bit of Flying Nun, Pavement and Real Estate in there too.   3

carrotbourke 15 Sep 2015

Loving this right now...

wattsjonc 30 Jan 2015

I never get bored of this Velvet Underground vibe, the album is good, too.

PaulGroom 21 Sep 2015

nver forget i am 0% hippie

cobra_winfrey 17 Jul 2015

off of Ultimate Painting

fleabee 28 Jan 2015