The Final Frontier by Underground Resistance

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but oswald808 was first  

This is now 22 years old. Still yet to be heard on a washing powder advert or as background music on a nature documentary.   3

siibo 7 Aug 2013

23 years ago.. there was Underground Resistance. Amazing.

E31KH 16 Mar 2014

Stumbled across this and got very nostalgic. Unlikely, but anyone else remember The Final Frontier at Club UK?

mindlessones 24 May 2012

Has to be my favourite UR track, and my favourite acid track. Interviewed Mad Mike on the phone once. He wasnt   1

oswald808 8 Feb 2012

Easily in my top five acid tracks of all time. Utterly majestic and cosmic enhancing.

phurious 15 Dec 2012