Born Slippy by Underworld

DaveWild’s jam on 13 Jun ’15 and then once after that (See all)


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but booldog was first  


DaveWild 21 Aug 2015

#moviejam We called him Mother Superior on account of the length of his habit   6

Axol 5 Jul 2013

Just seems like that kind of a day... #FuckYeahTIMJ #FinalJamsParty #TillTheWheelsFallOff   6

Gummi 25 Sep 2015

Nothing to do with the film Trainspotting, Everything to do with my mum a lot playing when I was younger.   2

Grayling 10 Mar 2013

Depend on snowflake APIs? Born slippy indeed. This is My Jam going readonly, citing particularly: “changes to those services have meant … 100% of our time’s been spent updating years-old code libraries and hacking around deprecations just to keep the lights on” Thanks for all the jams This Is My Jam! You’ve inspired an indieweb post type: * We’ll keep jamming on our indieweb sites. Originally posted at:

t 19 Aug 2015

#ABCsOfMe - I remember the first time I heard this, I thought it was Damon Albarn (*embarrassed*)   3

Olimite 24 Dec 2014