Dirty Epic by Underworld

“It's a Dirty Epic on repeat kinda day.”

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It's a Dirty Epic on repeat kinda day.   2

Zazzalina 21 Nov 2012

"I get my kicks on Channel 6"

TBBYNH 21 Aug 2014

My all-time favorite song ever.   1

arielwaldman 25 Sep 2015

Because I forgot just how blissful it is. Filth like coming home.

AlabasterC 21 Oct 2014

Soundtrack to many good times. And because I and it am now older than I thought. And because the drumbeat sounds like a frog being thrown at a wall and then falling down a set of stairs.   1

jaggeree 24 Jan 2014

At the time it seemed so weird to see a 'rave crew' release an actual album on CD. Damn tho' it was some album!   5

culturalfatwa 25 Feb 2014