Pearl's Girl by Underworld

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“Felt the urge to listen to this...”

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Felt the urge to listen to this...   1

msleedy 19 Aug 2015

U is for Underworld. Love this album. Reminds me of living in Reading before we had kids and being slightly irresponsible but having lots of fun!!!!!! #ABCsofme   2

abigail.deeks 18 Dec 2014

Probably the first track that got me into electronic music, back in 1996.

tspear 11 Jan 2012

Because of the kickline '...crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy...' which, to a five year old daughter back in 1996, sounded more like '...Gracey, Gracey, Gracey, Gracey...' (and still does)!

jeremyjcroucher 18 Dec 2014

My son's been getting into EDM stuff and I, like a good parent, am exposing him to some of the foundational music of the genre. He found Underworld by himself, but I had this gem in the iPod for him to nod along to. @TrilbyLascaux

billybartels 11 Apr 2014

This on headphones in the sun == feels like you're at a festival. Even if you are, in fact, pushing a buggy home from Tesco.   1

msleedy 12 Jul 2013