Shining Sun (Live @ La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX. May 10, 1998) by Vallejo

“Wait, how can I go out on anything other than the song and album that hit me so hard my avatar and usernames and email addresses often reference them to this day, 18 years later? I was only 19 early spring, 1997 when I first heard "Just Another Day" on the radio, introducing me to what quickly became my favorite band and album for a long time and a work that just resonated perfectly with me. Fusing dirty, hard rocking blues and Latin rhythms with a level of skill that belied their young age, the brothers Vallejo will always be essential summer listening for me. And good times rock. And soul searching music. Once again, it's been great and you can find me on Let's Loop, God's Jukebox and Nusiki as 'SS2K' until I choose the one that best suits me, so I hope you'll look me up if you join any of the above. Thanks and best of luck!”

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