Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend

“Show your paintings at the United Nations”

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Show your paintings at the United Nations

adie 5 Apr 2015

'...I've seen those English dramas too; they're cruel...'

cicicyclone 20 May 2015

For an English major turned farmer, the video has it all: cows, kids, corn stubble, random revolutionary assassins. Bunuelesque...   1

timmuky 3 Nov 2014

Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? I've seen those English dramas too.. They're cruel..   1

MaxRocks 26 Nov 2012

#8 in the Jamstars top tennish. This is another incremental step up in votes. Modern Vampires of the City. Proof positive that we like guitars and harmony with a bit of attitude and some words with thought. Big hat tips to @Bukowski @melissapulo @KBro @silvershroud @MyBlueElephant Grammar nod to @AlicejustMay :)   20

jonnyneale5 9 Feb 2014

This one has been rolling around in my head for days.   1

denizenofdreams 20 Nov 2012