Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend

“I know I love you, and you love the sea”

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I know I love you, and you love the sea

eclipse 16 Feb 2015

'Modern Vampires Of The City'; a wonderful combination of well crafted and inventive songs, they crackle and sparkle, it is vibrant with enthusiasm. An album which takes risks whilst maintaining an artistic balance. An absolutely superb album.   13

Bukowski 15 May 2013

el guapete

aidabarranco 2 Nov 2012

Still a brilliant album...   4

TBBYNH 6 Jul 2015

Gave this album only it's second spin yesterday. The Glasto performance must have stuck with me more than I thought...   5

hindle4 24 Jul 2013

Track Of The Day (Q Awards 2013): http://news.qthemusic.com/2013/09/vampire_weekend_-_unbelievers.html

QMagazine 29 Sep 2013