“My favourite single of 2013, so far.”

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My favourite single of 2013, so far.

PolkaMing 23 Jul 2013

I have already listened to the new #VampireWeekend album over 20 times through the free itunes stream. I am head over heels in love with it, and I think it is the best album of 2013 so far. I'm so proud of them and so excited to see them again at Outside Lands.   17

rvleonard 13 May 2013

This is an interesting track. They tend toward B major, but other than that, they like to experiment a bit, and I like a bit of risk-taking in their music. It means that you will like one track and hate the next, and that's fine by me; it's worth that - and also, I have found, something that changes over time, so in the future, you may grow to dislike the ones you liked and prefer the ones you initially skipped. Anyway, at the moment, this is an earworm for me. Please enjoy!

daved 14 Nov 2014

oh deeear the gilet, aw they're so fab though!! agh sorry I have been such a rubbish jammer, I have had zero computer access..   5

marshamarsh 8 Aug 2013

more end of 2013 stuff. Maybe album of the year contender? Honestly, it's one of the best albums of the year :)   17

terence 19 Dec 2013

This j'accuse to the Almighty is the first song that I am 100% certain will be in my top 10 for 2013...   5

thesunneversets 9 May 2013