Astral Weeks by Van Morrison


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"All is uncertain, this spiritual rebirth a question still, not a statement, and Van equates his move to a new world — both America and that of love— with a sense of being lost: "ain't nothing but a stranger in this world""   1

fishes 14 May 2015

From the on the greatest albums ever made...a trip upon the ethereal plane. Have a peaceful weekend folks.   10

Bukowski 26 Sep 2014

As good as it get's!   3

goldeneudemon 2 Jan 2013

my new #funeralsong!

enaaa 12 Jun 2015

In the "Van the Man" kind of mood!   2

Tox_Doc 6 Jan 2015

#4. A review, or summary, or description would be fairly useless here, when all you have to do is press play. What can you, or I, or anybody say about Astral Weeks that it doesn't already justify itself, a thousand times over? Simply put, the answer to any question you have about Astral Weeks can be found within Astral Weeks. It's such a powerful listen, that labels or dissections are instantly swept away on those first swaying notes of guitar and bass. So disregard your notions on Astral, on Van, on Music itself, and don't try to classify, generalize, categorize, pigeonhole, just listen. You're about to be born again.   5

lukeduggan2006 3 Jun 2013