Continental Shelf by Viet Cong

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but hanajoninna was first  

This is another new band I discovered over this weekend. A Canadian experimental noise-based band but more with a heavy post-punk influence.   1

LoreleiBeatrix 19 Jan 2015

The intro to this is playing on repeat in my head right now. Only started listening to these guys this week, but the album is fantastic - the singer reminds me of Spencer Krug and the music has a bleak 80's nihilistic vibe going on, but in a good way.   4

BelloDiNotte 30 Jan 2015

check your anxiety / no need to suffer silently / convulsion vibrating / being violated (violated)

c8h16o2 6 Jan 2015

"The end of a trip leaves me with a sad aftertaste the same as the end of a novel. When I am returning from a trip, the best part is not going through the airport or getting home, but the taxi ride in between: you’re still traveling, but not really." - Édouard Levé This is the exact mood this song makes me feel.

Margot 21 Jul 2015

I'm sorry to see This Is My Jam go away. Found a lot of good songs from all of you.   4

margir 18 Sep 2015

Saw Viet Cong at Field Day last month. They were great even though they didn't play this song - probably my favourite off the album.   5

AndyWilkinson 12 Jul 2015