Brand New Cadillac by Vince Taylor

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Utterly brilliant. VT was partly the inspiration for the Ziggy Stardust character too apparently.

mrbensiddall 1 Jul 2014

Ziggy's Daddy.   8

paulgdaly 7 Sep 2015

A few jams recently have been prompted - like this one - from the really rather good BBC R4 On Music Podcast. In this case, "Ziggy Stardust Came from Isleworth", a potted history of the rise and fall of Vince Taylor. Well worth a listen - (even if I do prefer the Clash version)   2

riddsteve 11 Jul 2014

Nasty rock n roll-A large J.D. will go just fine with this! x   4

janeymac 15 Feb 2015

Heard this on BBC4's excellent first instalment of Punk Britannia. Given extra balls by The Clash, of course.   1

UncannyUK 2 Jun 2012