Please Do Not Go by Violent Femmes


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I was singing a custom version of this to the spiders as I was harvesting some grapes for my homemade hobo wine. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT BIIIIIIIITE ME! They seemed to dig the show and were distracted from attacking me.

sanguinia 22 Aug 2013

i fall down dead, she never see the tears i cry.

caspar_v 27 Apr 2013

was reminded of this when it was used in an episode of community. classness!!   1

Onefellswoop 7 Jul 2012

How long... can the days go oooooooon...

GameroSays 4 Jan 2012

awesome bass solo!   1

joemcg 5 Dec 2012

Please please please do not goooOOOoooo

waterloo 22 Sep 2012