Stamina by Vitalic

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PHIL_FISH 4 Jan 2013

We wanna kill your calories, not you...!   2

ZenPyramid 20 Sep 2013

i've been enjoying rave age. it's one of my fave releases this year. also, song is better without video.   1

ThingInABook 30 Oct 2012

Vitalic does it again <3 Such awesome music videos at the moment too! Is awesome to see   3

Zoso 26 Oct 2012

#thisismyjam First day of school, nailed it. (I got a compliment from our fitness teacher!) To celebrate this joyous and unexpected occasion, I wish to share with you this AWESOME fitness-themed video, or rather short film, by Vitalic. Watch some poor fat people meet a gruesome end and drool at the delicious food porn. My absolute favourite workout track, kill the calories! #vetteschijf #electro #burgermenconspiracy #dankujixop

nassia 1 Sep 2014

Vitalic can do no wrong   1

Mazen 3 Oct 2012