Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo

“🎉 Cheers! 🍻 Happy #CincoDeMayo 🍺 from Tijuana 🇲🇽”

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🎉 Cheers! 🍻 Happy #CincoDeMayo 🍺 from Tijuana 🇲🇽

Mott 5 May 2015

Stan Ridgway in an earlier carnation. This to me is Cockfosters in 1983, which was me in an earlier carnation.

davidrhodes 20 Aug 2015

Hey,remember this one? I've never forgotten it...Yeah, right! No , I was in high school...hah! Love this tune.

susanalley180 14 Aug 2015

Dug out my copy of this and played it ten minutes ago. It sounded as thrilling as it did when I first heard it 31 years ago.   3

petepaphides 20 Sep 2014

You know how some songs just pop into your brain out of nowhere? This one reappeared in mine yesterday.   5

andyknightesq 6 Oct 2012

Still a fun song.   4

inthefade 12 Aug 2012