Funnel of Love by Wanda Jackson

“"my head is spinning around and around"”

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"my head is spinning around and around"

ckunzelman 19 Nov 2014

Mike's Music Interview Archive: Wanda Jackson. Has anyone rocked or rolled more authoritatively than Wanda Jackson--? (Answer: No). Like talking to a beloved grandma...but then she goes out and performs at a tiny, smoky club that you'd never take grandma to...we talked a little bit about when she dated Elvis (!) and helped invent rock and roll...   4

vomitsunami 24 Sep 2015

The "First Lady" of Rockabilly, Shared a bed with Elvis, More gravel than some can handle! Maud, Oklahoma's very own..   3

Rosgo 12 Mar 2015

It`s been a long time since my last visit. @puff I`m baaack. What a voice!   1

swoon 26 Dec 2014


crillex 4 Apr 2015

None other than the QUEEN of Rock n' Roll.   3

Earology 15 May 2014