Disco//Very by Warpaint

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but tismey was first  

Love these girls   7

surfingkitten 12 May 2014

'I make room for everyone. I. Need. A. BREAK!'

icedborscht 14 Jan 2015

theCapn back at ya with 'all girl' band number 22, Warpaint! These gals can jam, and mayhap be my fave current 'all girl' band! This tune isn't the climax as was previously experienced with Savages, but still quite good! Of note, Warpaint does a rendition of Bowie's Ashes To Ashes quite well...check 'em out...hope you all enjoy this tune...take care and peace out...   8

capnhollis 6 Dec 2014

New Warpaint album is, as you should expect, very good indeed.

tismey 23 Jan 2014

"Don't you battle we'll kill you, we'll rip you up and tear you in two"

katfan 19 Mar 2015

Got my tix for later this month!   2

ListeningMan 16 Apr 2014