Amor Fati by Washed Out

“still love this song”

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still love this song

KiranVepuri 10 Aug 2012

#lastjam Feel free to follow me on letsloop: dinmei See ya

dindameitasari 21 Sep 2015

#FinalJams #SundaySoother

malevolosidade 13 Sep 2015

Thanks to Norm for introducing me to this gorgeous slice of anthemic dream-pop...   1

djr 28 Nov 2014

When this guy started getting big I didn't really pay much attention because I thought chillwave was one of the dumbest names for a genre I'd ever heard. And it is, but that doesn't stop his tunes kicking arse.

erroneousbosch 21 Oct 2014

<3 this tune ... so great ... it makes everything better from the master @ernestgreene   1

jt 8 Aug 2013