In The Garage by Weezer


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Saturday is the 20th anniversary of Weezer's Blue Album (also my 31st birthday). This song reminds me of all the time I spent in my room as a teen - listening to music, playing guitar, writing stupid songs.

richardhomer 9 May 2014

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sevin 19 Jul 2012


fidothe 21 Feb 2012

In the garage I feel safe. No one cares about my ways.

legion189 25 Jun 2015

Weezer - "In The Garage". I've lived a 4th of my live in there. A top 10 song.

kylestevens 10 Sep 2014

Weezer - In The Garage. It's June, so time to start selecting songs by bands and artists who will be playing at the Firefly Music Festival in a few weeks.

ZeiramMR 3 Jun 2014