Your Woman by White Town

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I finally found this song! For the longest time I didn't know the song name, band name, or any of the lyrics. All I knew was the catchy little tune that sounds like a little mouse with a tiny trumpet. And every time I try to explain it to people it just sounded like Darth Vader's theme song. But now I finally found it!!!

aonavarro 20 Jun 2015

"So much for all your highbrow Marxist ways / Just use me up and then you walk away" - great live version!

simonsanders 8 Dec 2012

The song my kids used to refer to as The Darth Vader Song.   4

inthefade 27 Mar 2012

One of the first singles I bought.   1

_benbradley 23 Sep 2015

Seems appropriate that my last jam should be my first. #GoodnightTIMJ   4

ElmoBerry 22 Sep 2015

A little 90's nostalgia

tigger21skh 26 Jul 2015