Passenger Side by Wilco


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"You're gonna make me spill my beer / if you don't learn how to steer" is one of my favorite couplets in rock'n'roll. This is a live version because WMG are a bunch of assholes who won't allow the album version to be linked here.

spitesprite 2 Jun 2015

At last night's show, while Wilco was playing something newer with layers of complexity (forgetting which one), I turned to my friend and said they should dial it back and play "Passenger Side" next. To my surprise, they did!   1

argo0 24 Jul 2013

dedicated to D-Tock

genoyoham 10 Feb 2012

Happy "Trucker Day" = Ten Four Good Buddy! What's your all time favorite "Road Song" "Driving Song" "Car Song"? Here's one of mine ...

jimleatherman 4 Oct 2013