Romance by Wild Flag

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I would happily take Sleater-Kinney resplitting for more Wild Flag. Love this live performance, so much more fun

Illusionator_66 22 Feb 2015

“Romance” by Wild Flag (@wildflagmusic) is my new jam. Listen: cc: @sergpinheiro

JoshBurnell 27 Feb 2015

I am going to see these Wild Flags tonight. Love the sound of those flags.   1

joelist 31 Jan 2012

We've got an eye, an eye for what's #romance...   2

thesunneversets 20 Jan 2015

Okay, it's maybe a little more Helium than Sleater-Kinney, but even though you might want those proportions reversed, you still have to love this song. This is what I wish the brief 90s fascination with mid-60s pop had led to instead of a bunch of warmed over Serge Gainsbourg tribute albums.

detsaridis 19 Sep 2013

Carrie Brownstein fronts Indie Girl Supergroup   6

markhdz 5 Nov 2013