Wearing My Rolex - Radio Edit by Wiley

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but katstevens was first  

Stuck in my head after not having thought of it for years so you know, that's my new jam right there.   2

infovore 30 Aug 2012

I'll join in. I think this one is quite catchy but corny, and I apparently also like dancing girls in fox dresses. #guiltypleasureweek   4

Nemascope 7 Oct 2013

2008. I restrained myself from picking more Girls Aloud for this year.

Ewan_M 2 May 2012

Someone just said the words 'bubbles' at work and this just popped into my head and I had to listen to it.

spoonie 14 Jun 2013

Just doesn't get old.

fulljames 2 May 2012

Every 6 months or so I remember about this song and how great it is.

katstevens 29 Dec 2011