Be Thankful For What You Got by William Devaughn

“Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.”

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Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

PeteSF 27 Nov 2014

I thank you!   10

drunkeneviltwin 28 Nov 2013

A great soul song of the 70s, and not as well-known as it should be.

litlfrog 15 Feb 2015

You know this is sublime and probably also #FunkyFriday By clicking 'play' you contractually agree to listen to Mr DeVaughn in all his funky glory all the way through: yes, all 7 minutes and 4 seconds. It's worth it, I promise. A diamond in the back for you, a diamond in the back for you, a diamond in the back for all of you. And if you click away before it finishes, I'll know and I'll come round to your house and play it in it's glorious entirety to you. All night. Consider yourself funked.   7

fatuous 5 Jun 2015

You damn ungrateful kids.   1

wanderlane 25 Dec 2014

A very happy #Thanksgiving to all our American jam friends!   4

TeamJamPicks 28 Nov 2013