Good Name by William Onyeabor


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William Onyeabor is fast becoming my favourite Nigerian electro-funk musician #music

digitalWestie 2 Apr 2015

The¬†funkiest¬†goddam track of the year for me. #bestof2013 #funkyfriday.   13

simonp 20 Dec 2013

Really been on a synth/electro funk kick as of late. This was some pretty good stuff.

Ipequey 15 Jun 2015

1983. new albums by this Nigerian afrofunk/afrorock master keep popping up thanks to enterprising internetters   10

vorbis 5 May 2013

'Who is William Onyeabor?' I'm blowed if I know but now that I've heard this, I bloody well want to find out. #funkyfriday   12

simonp 8 Nov 2013


Danbojones 19 Mar 2012