Common People by William Shatner

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"Common People" by William Shatner is my new jam. Seriously! Great take on a Pulp classic. Listen ... (or listen to the original):

jayroh 2 Sep 2015

Happy #CanadaDay , eh?

tinnitus 1 Jul 2015

This is exactly what is needed at the start of the week.   10

pjcj 7 Oct 2013

It is a mystery why I have not jammed this of my favorite jams of all time and this version ...and William Shatner.....Oh la la...!!!!   45

natyblooming 12 Sep 2013

I kid you not - this one NOT one of his old '60's songs - this actually is amazing - I'm going to leave it up! William Shatner (yes Star Trek) covering Pulp? Please - it's actually great! Can't figure out who is helping him, but this is one to listen to - it is cover but with loads of great help! Enjoy!   22

lesakramer5 26 Aug 2015

yeah - it's Capt'n Kirk - doing this very special cover of #Pulps Common People. William Shatner companions are Ben Folds and - one of my all-time personal greatest artists: Joe Jackson.

AckiYamamoto 24 Jan 2015