Horseshoe by Withered Hand

“The new album New Gods is a cracker.”

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The new album New Gods is a cracker.

FamousWhenDead 29 Apr 2014

Less than a month to wait before I can sit back and enjoy the whole of New Gods by @witheredhand - until then...

ogreatbear 30 Jan 2014

Loving this Withered Hand song.

Bisson 25 May 2014

New Withered Hand record is brilliant. Get listenin!   2

TobyPrivateer 12 Mar 2014

“I wear your love like a souvenir” . . . Today I have been mostly listening to Withered Hand.   9

lindatee 14 Apr 2014

Dan Wilson's moving articulation of the fragility of life chimes perfectly with my own fears for a friend...   1

MikePattenden 7 May 2014