Moaning Lisa Smile by Wolf Alice

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She’s overachieving, chasing her dreams And comedy slowly, it’s out of control

emmareid1331 29 Jun 2015

Never heard of this band until this track was featured in one of the many music newsletters I get recently and I fell in love. There's nothing really spectacular about it, so it's hard to put a finger on exactly what I love about it. Probably just the atmosphere and maybe the '90s-ness.   18

shiningsun2k 13 Apr 2014

Out on May 26TH an EP called 'Creature Songs'   3

markwakeley 4 Apr 2014

I have posted a ton of my past favourites. Here's something newer I love.   2

LarryLootsteen 13 Jul 2015

You wait for something to undo these feelings Waiting and waiting but it’s out of control

teaandfire 1 Jul 2015

Only three jams left! Use them wisely.

tungholio 10 Aug 2015