Spiral by Wye Oak


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Recent study shows this song made my monday morning suck less. Results are statistically significant. Double-blind test included placebo applied via Pharell's "Happy"   1

djloosefit 6 Oct 2014

I can hear Jon Anderson in here. 'Spiral' by Wye Oak is my new jam:

TheLittleChef 30 Aug 2015

FAVORITE 2012 SONGS #18: My fav band of 2011 put out 1 great song in 2012. Hope for a full-length in 2013!

joshhornik 13 Dec 2012

LOVE. Definitely the song of my week.

rvleonard 10 Jul 2012

A bit of a different sound for WYE OAK, and I like it a lot. Free download at AdultSwim.com.

joshhornik 25 Jul 2012

A kind of new earworm in my head this week.

stewartmoncure 28 Jul 2014