Dear God by XTC

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Axol 5 Dec 2013

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glen2813 16 Mar 2014

I remember people at work telling me about this album, it was only years later that I found out for myself how good it was!

nottonmusic 2 Feb 2015

# 97. XTC. Andy was my first rock star that I was head over heals in love with.( so cute, that dimple, the glasses, swoon! ) When I first heard "Helicopter" I was hooked. I was torn on which song to play, "Respectable Street" "Peter Pumpkinhead " "King for a Day", but this song came out in a time in my life when I was so angry at the world, so I went with it. It is still brings up so many emotions, the lyrics, his vocals, so powerful. This was almost my # 98 band, so close! Who is one of your top three bands and why?   12

christineb 24 Jul 2013

hope you got the letter, and...

alexaslavkova 12 Mar 2015

Feeling this way after all the stories in the news lately don't you?

kingstontown 4 Dec 2014