I Can't Own Her by XTC

thomasoshea’s jam on 6 Dec ’13 and then once after that (See all)

“My selection for #XTCweek.”

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My selection for #XTCweek.   3

thomasoshea 6 Dec 2013

#ABCsofMe A belated entry into the #xtcfortnight with this, which I first heard on Richard Allinson's Radio 2 show as part of a feature called "Major and Minor" i.e. a well-known and an more obscure track from a particular artist. I already knew and liked '...Nigel', but this was something special and kick-started my love of the band.   3

thomasoshea 21 Dec 2014

Paging @UncannyUK! Last year at this time was #XTCweek. Someone recommended we do it again this year. Any takers??? It was fun!   3

drumnbass 1 Dec 2014

#XTCweek continues. Apple Venus is a stunning album and this simply wonderful.   11

VickyMB1970 3 Dec 2013