Summer's Cauldron + Grass by XTC

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mrboboto 15 Mar 2015

It's a solstice tradiditon, and hey, it's Texas, so yeah. When Miss Moon lays down and Sir Sun stands up Me, Im found floating round and round Like a bug in brandy in this big bronze cup Drowning here in summers cauldron

devilsrancher 21 Jun 2014

Drowning here in summer's cauldron

Mego_0 7 Jun 2014

Gotta play this before it's all over!!!

whsedrone 23 Sep 2014

Out for a walk yesterday I got that 'boiling butter' aroma of the gorse for the first time. Sumer is a comin in at last.   3

UncannyUK 8 Jun 2015

For the summer we never had...(Weirdly, it lists as something by June Summers, but trust me, it's right...)

steev_nahrbl 16 Sep 2012