The Mayor Of Simpleton by XTC


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Fabulous wordplay and a killer chune from #XTC. I am the Mayor of Simpleton...   1

WineAlchemy1 12 Mar 2015

There are several perfect XTC records. This is my favourite and made by the lyrics tho the production is pretty good too. "When their logic gets cold/ and all thinking gets done/ you'll be warm in the arms of the Mayor of Simpleton".   4

rocknrollisking 12 Jan 2014

XTC? Why not?   2

Ianv62 15 Sep 2015

#EternalJam   7

pabloldias 25 May 2014

Classic Pop! Not a huge fan of XTC - but I love this one.

Scott85730 7 Aug 2015

This song may well epitomize what XTC was as a band, combining a full, multilayered production sound with infectious pop melodies and clever lyricism. Certainly a stand-out track on their stunning Oranges and Lemons album. The video for this song is a pleasure to watch as well.   4

Enish 26 May 2015