deadcells’s jam on 4 May ’12 and then once after that (See all)

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but FARTDAUGHTER was first  

My first REJAM comes courtesy of @IFTFOM. What a tune this is   1

d0minic 11 Jul 2012

It may be overwhelming at first...

rajjawa 15 May 2014

#WorldTour J is for Japan and 'The Future'   4

d0minic 27 Feb 2014

Got a bit obsessed with this song recently. Really pleased to find out that the video is so suitable too.

BrokenShoulder 11 Mar 2014

<3 s y n t h m u s i c <3

crikeyJoe 11 Jan 2015

One of my favorite Y.M.O. songs.

retroist 13 Aug 2012