Rain Or Shine by Young Fathers

“Impossible to not like.”

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Impossible to not like.   3

abner07 6 Jul 2015

So much for the sophomore slump or Mercury kiss of death, the new Young Fathers album is great.

grillpanda 21 Apr 2015

#NEW/2015 Spacey, tense & relentlessly metronomic....Could almost pass for a Joy Division song if the voice was deeper! I like the last minute of this where it seems to move up into 'cruise mode'  From the new album, "White men are black men too"   19

debutch 7 Jun 2015

Let's hope for more shine than rain this in the coming months yo! @Youngfathers #RainOrShine

Deanways 22 Apr 2015

"I’m absolutely convinced that ‘Rain or Shine’ is what The Specials would sound like if they emerged today" -- Drowned In Sound

thesunneversets 13 Apr 2015

The new album is already being jammed to death but needs must - it's that good!   1

arseheart 15 Apr 2015