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7 years, 15 days ago


Rhye were a TIMJ discovery for me (either thru @solveigo or @TatjanaRopn - don't know if you follow them? but they come up with the goods!) i can't tell you how many times i've played this song - so beautiful, so sad! "Open" is great too if you haven't already heard it. I bought the rest of the album recently but haven't had enough time to listen to it properly yet. Maybe this weekend... Enjoy!

7 years, 14 days ago


AUGH! I love this alb but haven't seen this video yet. 2 cruel 4 lyfe

7 years, 13 days ago


"Open" kills me too. "I'm a fool for your belly" HURNF

7 years, 12 days ago


@kelliebrazier <3 open was definitely on my top ten favourite from last year. and the video, mmhm.

7 years, 12 days ago


@solveigo yeah i think i was fairly new to TIMJ at that stage but bought "Open" immediately i heard your jam! and loved it. Was strangely put out to realise it's a man singing tho - didn't quite fit with my vision when i heard their songs.

7 years, 12 days ago


@theseantcollins there's an irresistible yearning in their songs isn't there. the pace so sensual. kills me too!