3 people loved thisfred’s jam REFLEKTOR

wizzard  Wizzard Curtis

Into Al Green, Pixies, The Beatles, Huey Lewis & The News…

“Lvl 42 Wizzard who dwells in Bucket City, Tenn. I Like music, film and rpgs. I Love Heather Curtis. I hate Monady's!”

thesunneversets  Matthew Marcus

Into Jimi Hendrix, Pixies, The Cure, David Bowie…

“The sun never sets on the British vampire... [By day, web developer for the Beggars Group of record labels. Please feel free to jam some of our fine musical products.] ”

Loosqueal  Lucy Wright

Into Blondie, Buzzcocks, Portishead, Simon & Garfunkel…

“I'm the kind of girl you could easily mistake for a wall.”