10 people loved thomasoshea’s jam Just Who Is The 5 O'Clock Hero? [Live]

pjcj  Paul Johnson

Into Kate Bush, Blondie, The Smiths, Dire Straits…

“My jams are archived on http://pjcj.tumblr.com”


Last jam: The End by The Beatles

“Welcome to Beatlemaniacs. We are two long- time TIMJers and friends, but most importantly Beatlemaniacs! We're here to share our love for The Fabs, both together and solo. We'll also play some great c…”

pauseliveaction  Sue Haasler

Into Crowded House, The Beatles, Cyndi Lauper, Echo & the Bunnymen…


music_xplosion  musicexplosion

Into The Wildtones, Wayne Jarrett, Johnny & The Attractions, The Hygrades…

“In The Beginning There Was Rhythm . . . 60's garage @garage_xplosion, reggae @reggae_xplosion”

lauramcgeachin  Laura McGeachin

Into The Only Ones, Queens of the Stone Age, The White Stripes, T. Rex…

“Never stuck for something to say”

Bukowski  Paul Stuart Ashby

Into The Smiths, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground…

“The egg cracked, let out, spill over, sliding into, shaking vision, battered corks, moody shouts despair in all directions, leafing through undergrowth of bounty barred from letters and rhythms, purch…”

littlemoonlit  Kristie Thompson

Into Nick Cave, Nouvelle Vague, The Stone Roses, Ian Dury…

“If you don't care, I could care less.”


Into Otis Redding, Rolling Stones, The Black Keys, John Lee Hooker & Miles Davis…


Brownpants  Paul Brown

Into The Volcanos, The Rolling Stones, Regina Spektor, Led Zeppelin…

“One half of www.musicvideosdeconstructed.com and the other half of @natyblooming.”


Into Nick Drake, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Velvet Underground…