What people said about Astromonkey’s jam There Goes a Tenner

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6 years, 7 months ago


Would it be surprising if I told you that this was on my list? No matter though I have a Plan B up my sleeve ;)

6 years, 7 months ago


As someone who started with Hounds of Love and The Kick Inside, hearing this album for the first time was certainly a flummoxing experience. Now it's my favorite. Mad genius. (Intro by @gburnsid).

6 years, 7 months ago


It's a great choice, from a wonderful elpee.

6 years, 7 months ago


@MadameZia It doesn't surprise me as we both have excellent taste. And you're far too practical and together not to have a back up plan ready to go.

6 years, 7 months ago


Fantastic, fabulous Kate!! Great jam

6 years, 7 months ago


@Astromonkey @MadameZia Yes. I agree. Excellent taste...the both of you! great jam!